Released - April 2018

The YOKO Essential Gift Set is the perfect gift for important occasions such as welcoming a new dog to the family or Christmas.  It contains the essential collection that every dog owner should have.

Essential Treat Tin, Dandelion Infused Liver, Kale & Seaweed Biscuits

Organic, grain-free, gluten free, no additives, no added sugar, responsibly sourced, dehydrated




Essential Gift Set


We are proud of our honesty and strive for positively changing the dog food market.


-UK based and proud of developing a sense of locality,

-designed to positively enhance a dogs diet through health and nutrition

-we source all ingredients and packaging responsibly,

-our mission is to encourage local - local growing, local manufacturing, local distribution, and local employment,

-use nutritious organic ingredients,

-use no additives, no added sugars, no added flavourings,

-a design conscious brand,

-keen on developing a wholesome lifestyle for both dog and owner

-sustainability is at the centre of our business, reducing pacakging, ensuring it is all biodegradeable or recyclable.

-some products are made to last and pass down through generations.


Redefining the dog market

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All components are fully recyclable.  The products are presented in a bespoke grey YOKO box which can be reused time and time again

This is a complementary treat for dogs.  Always ensure that there is a bowl of fresh water available for your dog and supervise when feeding.  It is recommended to monitor the amount you give to your dog in conjunction with their normal diet.  No treat should constitute more than 10% of the total daily diet on an energy basis.

Nutritional Analysis

Feeding Guidelines


Made in London

YOKO is a healthy dog food brand, conscious about nutritional foods for dogs.  We care about where food comes from, how it is made, and who it goes to.










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